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Low Cost Metal Casting in China
For the past 7 years, we have successfully exported many casting parts to USA and Europe. We are particular strong in the following cases:
(1) The part needs precision machining after casting.

(2) The part needs very strict quality control such as X-Ray, Chemical Composition, Mechanical Property Test, CMM dimensional checking

(3) The project requires good engineering communication in English.

Investment/ Lost Wax Casting
China Investment Casting
Sand Casting
China Sand Casting
Die Casting
China Die Casting
CNC Machining
Casting and Machining in China
Large Castings
Large Casting in China
Gravity/ Low Pressure Casting
Gravity Casting in China
Shell Mold (Resin-Bond Sand)
Shell Mold Casting in China
Quality Control
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We offer factory-direct price, and work with customer to choose the most suitable supplier. Factory audit by customer is encouraged.

Material to Cast Suitable Processes Production
Carbon Steel Lost Foam Casting, Vacuum Casting, Shell Mold Casting Click here for details and applicable ASTM specs
Grey Iron, Ductile Iron Green Sand Casting, Resin Sand Casting Factory 1, Factory 2, Factory 3, Factory 4
Stainless Steel Lost Wax Casting/ Investment Casting (Silica sol for high precision, sodium silicate for low precision) Factory 1, Factory 2, Factory 3
Copper, Non-ferrous China Gravity Casting and Low Pressure Casting (Permanent Mold) Factory 1, Factory 2
Aluminum, Zinc Die Casting Factory 1, Factory 2, Factory 3 aluminum die casting
china casting

We have up-to-date cost structures of various casting techniques in China, and our quality inspectors are familiar with common issues in metal casting.

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