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Categorized by Business Types:
1.Manufacturer Outsourcing/Subcontracting: We'd suggest that you outsource labor intensive parts to achieve maximum cost reduction. For example, a German manufacturer saved 30% when working with us to make body frame assembly of dumper trucks (Required laser cutting, press breaker. and arc welding). If you are a manufacturer, please email us your requirements (specs or drawings).
2.Engineering Contractors: We help you with project cost proposal initially and will manage on-time production and delivery afterwards.
3.Sourcing and Trading Companies in your country: Comparing to most sourcing companies we have two advantages: (1) we have a strong team in China and (2) we are technical.
4.Private Equity Firms: We help their portfolio companies' to drive China sourcing initiatives. We provide benchmark data and identify cost reduction potentials.
5.Consulting Firms: Follow-up EXECUTION after the consulting firm has finished helping its client to form sourcing strategy.

Categorized by Business Sizes:
1. Large Enterprises: We have worked with purchasing managers from over 20 public listed companies. Customers love our 5-day quote programs. For major projects, we even have internal teams to compete with each other to find the most suitable supplier & price for customers.
2. Small to Medium Businesses: Most of our customers are small to medium businesses. We form long-term, partner-type, loyal relationship with them.
We don't work with newly-born businesses without established products or markets.

Geographic Areas: (ordered by number of customer accounts)
USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Australia, Israel

Categorized by Products and Services:
Please notice that we don't market any products or own any brands. We are purely a solution provider for low-cost custom manufacturing, and have built up expertise & supply base in about 8 (highly-related) areas of manufacturing processes. We supply parts/ components, or OEM products.

For the sake of convenience or consolidation, many existing customers also choose us to purchase standard products from China, and utilize our quality control and logistics expertise.

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