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Frequently Asked Questions

  Why use a sourcing firm?
There are many excellent factories in China;however, dealing with Chinese factories requires a lot of experience in terms of effective communications (in Chinese), product quality control process (material requirement, processing technologies, mid-production and end product quality testing), shipping and export management. Using a professional company like Shanghai Sourcing will help you buy goods from China with much less hassle and even lower cost!

  Do I pay more working with you than going straight to factories?
The answer is "NO." In several ways you end up paying less to work with us!
  First, a lot of factories don't deal with buyers directly;they are represented by agents.
  Second, many factories do have their own export departments; however, you will notice that using a professional export agent is lot more efficient than dealing with factories directly. When you try to find a product, you know that it could be made by many factories, not just one factory. Instead of searching them one by one, you can use a professional agent to bring you the right choice at once!
  Third, a professional agent knows how to control production quality, and substantially minimize your business risks!
Overall, we assist, not compete with factories to reach customers.

  How is quality controlled?
A. We have a dedicated QA team
B. We shall do one sample run, then a small batch run before mass order. For a sample order, you can usually can make a 50% downpayment and only pay the remainder after satisfactory result.

  What is Shanghai Sourcing's role if the parts are not of sufficient quality?

We'll manage problem solving, root-cause-analysis, and be constantly on top of the factory to redo the parts. Often, we play the buffer/lubrication role so that the factory and customer can have a working relationship and avoid gridlock.

  Can I come for a visit?
Absolutely! We encourage you to come and experience the booming economy in China. We can provide
  1.Translator and advisors.         2. Scheduling of meetings and factory visits.           3. Transportation between hotel and supplier.

  We also provide factory Tour Services.

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