China Direct & Chinese Manufacturers

China Sourcing and Manufacturing diffferent

1 . If needed, you’ll build DIRECT relationship with factories instead of middleman.

2 .  Real people, instead of B2B websites. We can get you reliable quoations quickly. Even many American purchasing consultants use us for quotation because they don't have a fulltime team in China.

3  .Focus on continuous supply management
 + On-demand/onsite quality inspection, process compliance.
 + Manage defect feedback…
 + Manage delivery shortage
 We understand language/ culture of Chinese suppliers, and serve as local liaison for issue resolution. To meet a delivery schedule, we can call the factory four times a day to keep the heat on or send agents over to live in the factory.

4 . Convenient supply chain solution (custom clearance and shipping). You pay to a US bank and the product shows up in your warehouse.

Distinct Benefits:
1 . China Cost Structure: Comparing to Western factories, our costs are usually drastically (30%-40%) lower.

2 . Communication: Avoid the headache of dealing with too many factories that don't understand you well. We are English-Speaking and will actually call you.

3 . Competency: Unlike most trading firms, we have in-house bi-lingual engineering capabilities, mature quality assurance processes and dedicated QC team.

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