China Direct & Chinese Manufacturers

Key Services: Find low-cost Chinese factories and follow-up supply management:
1 .For products already made in China, we can locate the factories and link you directly with them.
2 .If a product is not made in China yet, we can facilitate a chinese manufacturing transfer. (You'll provide specs, drawings, samples, photos...)

Purchasing process that we manage:
Obtain detailed quotes from 4-5 factories Sampling Production with the best factory Quality Inspection Shipping
See below for details

China Sourcing:
1 .Find low cost suppliers and adapt their abilities to fit your requirements.
2 .Develop China based cost models
3 .Recommend cost reduction opportunities
4 .Analyze plant-level strength/ weakness

Supply Management:
1 .On-demand/onsite quality inspection, yield monitoring, process control/compliance
2 .Quality control system: ISO9K, statistical control methodology, Kanban, Kaizen
3 .Manage defect feedback
4 .Manage delivery shortage
5 .Forecast sharing
6 .Communicate your requirements and expectations to suppliers on a routine basis
7 . Vendor abnormality alarming

China Sourcing and Manufacturing shakehand

Logistics Service:
1 .Freight forwarding
2 .Expedite custom clearance
3 .Shipping consolidation
4 . Content inspection and repackaging

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