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Manufacturers in China 
We have a wide network of reputable Chinese manufacturers, and offer you the most effective ways to source low cost products from China.

Basically, we are an one-stop shop for you to source quality products from low-cost manufacturers. Ongoing, we provide "on-the-ground assistance" to help you effectively manage Chinese manufacturers.

About Us :
Twenty versatile sourcing experts and twelve engineers in China. We have mature quality assurance processes,a dedicated QC team, in-house bilingual engineering capabilities.

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Distinct Benefits:

1.Cost Advantages: Compared to U.S. factories, Chinese costs are 20%-50% lower.
2.Control Risk: We help you pre-qualify suppliers by visiting onsite.  We monitor production constantly and inspect quality before shipment. Our legal team works rigorous to protect your intellectual properties or ensure factories honoring contractual obligations.
3.Clear Communication: Avoid the headache of dealing with too many factories that you have problem talking with. We are English-speaking, familiar with foreign engineering standards, and have field reps in USA and France.

4.Filter out the 10000s of Chinese factory websites online and gain access to only the reputable, responsible and capable.

5.Convenience: We manage custom clearance and shipping.  
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  Our Clients:
 Besides large firms, we also serve many small to medium size enterprises in North America and Europe.
           Basic Process:
Help you find and go straight to the manufacturers
Obtain detailed quotes from 4-10 factories
Factory Audit
Production with your chosen factory
   (drive on-time delivery, resolve issues, and provide constant communication assistance)  
Quality Inspection
Shipping to door

           Our Differentiations:

1.  If needed, you’ll build DIRECT relationships with factories instead of middlemen.
2.  Focus on continuous supply management
+ On-demand/onsite quality inspection, process compliance.
+ Manage delivery shortage
+ Small batch orders, Inventory reduction
3.  Real people instead of B2B Web sites. We understand the language/ culture of Chinese suppliers and serve as a local liaison for issue resolution
4.  Full supply chain solution Shipping Cost and Lead Time Estimations
5.  Strong focus on engineering control and custom manufacturing.

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