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       Solar Module
     Solar Module
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   SolarRoof PV Mounting
   SolarRoof PV Mounting
   Solar Terrace            Solar Terrace
   PostMount System       Solar Matrix
   Solar Ballast Fix            Solar Compasses
   Pergola System            BIPV Frame
       Sine Wave Inverter
     Sine Wave Inverter
  DH-300S12      DH-300S24     DH-500S12
  DH-500S24      DH-1KS24       DH-2KS24
  DH-2KS48        DH-3KS48       DH-5KS96
       Solar Controller
     Solar Controller
    SHS-1-2415                   SHS-1-2430
    SHS-1-2460                   SHS-1-4860
    SHS-1-0606                   SHS-1-PT15
    SHS-1-PT30                   SHS-1-PT60
    CQ1205         CQ1210-T       CQ2410-T        CQ4820-T     CQ1210LT      CQ2410LT       CQ2420LT
     Solar Battery
  GFM-100          GFM-200            GFM-400
  GFM-600          6-GFM-100         6-GFM-150
       Solar Street Light
     6M Street Light
   6M-ARL75H5                6M-ARL100H6
   6M-ARL160H6              6M-ARL240H6        6M-ARL360H6    
     3M Street Light
   3M-ARL15H3                 3M-ARL20H3
       Solar Lawn Light
     Solar Lawn Light
   FDS10301        FDS10302        FDS10303
   FDS10304        FDS10305        FDS10306
   FDS10307        FDS10308
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       About us
China Synergy Group is a vertically integrated solar product manufacturer in China. We specialize in assembly and integration of various solar power components. We offer the following products at competitive price: solar panels, solar racks, solar lights, and complete solar power system.
Our solar cells are provided by SunTech (NYSE: STP) TUV, UL and VDE certification can be provided.
  We are different from other Chinese solar product manufacturers in two ways
           We have a strong emphasis in service and communication. Many of our sales/ service staff speak fluent              English.
           We have strong interest in new product development, especially in adopting solar power in new applications.
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