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Electronic Assembly
Electronics Contract Manufacturing in China
At Shanghai Sourcing, we manufacture electronic products from the very complex to the very simple. With many years experience, we are the perfect partner to design, prototype and build your electronic assemblies for mass market. We also have extensive experience in obtaining CE, UL, CSA approval for your products. Key services offered: (1) Custom manufacturing of mechanical parts/ enclosures (2) Electronic component sourcing: Circuit Board, Motors, Sensors, Cables, Bateries, Transformers, Switches, Heating Elements, Resister/ Capacitiers ... (3) Assembly (high quality soldering, EMS industial level quality with tight process control), (4) Mutiple level of quality control and functional test, (5) Packaging and Shipping
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PCBs - From Design to Test
Printed Circuit Boards - From Design to Test

Our engineers are expert in designing single-layer and multi-layer PCB, and the latest surface mount manufacturing (SMT) technology...

 Embedded Programming

Data Logging, Sensor Signal Processing, Program Logic Control...

Prototyping and Product Development

Proof of concept. Product Design (Structure, Function) CAD and solid modeling. Design for manufacturability. Tooling development and validation. Fast prototyping. Pilot production. Build an agile supply chain

Low cost sourcing of components and cable
Software & Hardware Design

Material planning, BOM management.  We can work with suppliers of your choice or help you identify the most suitable component suppliers.

 Plastics Molding
Software & Hardware Design

We source millions of dollars in injection molding every year.  Every customer of Shanghai Sourcing will be a high priority customer to our factories.

 Test and Inspection, Product Assembly and Packaging
Software & Hardware Design

IC test, Functional test, Fatigue Stress test.  Labor intensive assembly and packaging to make the product ready for market.


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