Injection Mold Price Estimator - China Cost
(Price Data Updated on 2/20/2010)

Our purpose is to provide quick estimation of mold price.  We have kept it as simple as possible.  It is applicable for most cases, the result is usually within 10% of market price.  

Dimensions of Product to be molded:

Unit: centimeter inch
length  width  height  (No need to be precise)
Cavities (How many products come out of one injection?)

Product Unit Price Estimation: (You can leave it empty)
:    Weight of product: gram / pound

Advanced Settings
(We have already chosen the typical parameters)[Click to Show]:
1. Choose Material for Mold Core (Note: Chinese often use imported steel for mold core)

I: Life Span: 0.5 to 1 million injections
mirror finish, good for product that requires high transparency or surface quality.  Similar to AISI P20+Ni, German 2738, Swedish 718 (cheaper).
II: Life Span: 1 million injections. Good for corrosive plastics (PVC,POM)
  Similar to AISI 420
German 2083/2316 (a lot cheaper)
III: Life Span: only 100 thousand to 300 thousand injections

IV: Life Span: only good for a few thousand injections

2. For mold core, use  imported steel  Chinese equivalent (Cheaper)

3. Distance between cavities: centimeter(Applicable for multple cavity mold, 2.5-4.5cm)
4. Distance from side of product to side of mold core   centimeter(larger than 1.5 cm)
5. Top of product to top of mould core   centimeter(usually larger than 1 cm)
6. Bottom of product to bottom of mould core   centimeter(usually larger than 1.5 cm)

7. pin-point gate (common choice, "three-plate mold", higher production speed, less distortion after mold)
edge gate (cheaper, "two-plate mold",cheap,need secondary process to cut plastics attached from gate)

8.  Hot runner system needed?  If yes,how many points per cavity? (usually 1~2)
normal needle valve (Hot runner system reduces material waste and improves production efficiency and quality for large complex product.  It's expensive.)

9. Production Cycle: seconds (sum of 2-5 seconds injection time, 20-120 seconds to hold pressure and 30-120 seconds cooling.  This setting affects product price but not mold price)

Author: Edward Fan, Shanghai Sourcing

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