China Machining Services

We are a low-cost manufacturing company with a large network of machine shops in China.  We work with you to select the appropriate supplier for each project depending on price, competencies and lead time. Ongoing, we provide "on-the-ground assistance" to help you effectively manage Chinese manufacturers.

We have very strong machining capabilities in the following categories:

   High Mix, Low Volume machining of precision parts

   High volume CNC turning and milling

   Casting and machining, forging and machining

   Machining of very large metal parts. We have machines to accommodate large parts

   3-Axial and 5-Axial CNC Machining Center

   Low cost machining without CNC

We provide thorough dimensional reports of our parts. PPAP reports can also be provided. We use 3rd party labs for material tests and provide authentic material certificates. We are also very familiar with export logistics and provide fluent English service.



For quotation, we accept drawings in CAD, Solidworks, Igs or PDF formats.


Our customers include:

Our Differentiations:
1.  If needed, you’ll build DIRECT relationships with factories instead of middlemen.
2.  Focus on continuous supply management
+ On-demand/onsite quality inspection, process compliance.
+ Manage delivery shortage
3.  Real people instead of B2B Web sites. We understand the language/ culture of Chinese suppliers and serve as a local liaison for issue resolution


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